Since March 20, the state of epidemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been in effect throughout Poland.

If you have noticed symptoms such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing problems,

  • immediately inform the sanitary-epidemiological station by phone – number 12 288 01 33,
  • in case of severe symptoms call emergency number 112,
  • or contact the infectious disease ward, tel. 12 400 10 00.

If you are under quarantine, you must remain in your place of residence. People under quarantine are regularly monitored by the police, sanitary services and via smartphone app. Breaking the quarantine may result in a fine of up to PLN 30,000.


On April 16th, the Polish government announced the first stage of loosening of the resctrictions.

Starting on April 20th less restrictions in the following fields:

  • store area less than 100 sqms – max 4 customers pers one  cash desk,
  • store area bigger than 100 sqms – 1 customer per at least 15 sqms. of area,
  • forests and parks opened,
  • sports and reacreational activities allowed, e.g. jogging, biking – provided you cover your face and maintain a social distance
    (attention: playgrounds for children remain closed)
  • religious services  – 1 person per at least 15 sqms.
  • children over 13 can leave home without an adult.

On April 9th, the Polish government announced a new preventive measure – obligatory until further notice

  • Starting on April 16th it will be obligatory to cover a mouth and nose (be it with a mask be it with another things e.g. a scarf)


On March 31st, the Polish government announced new preventive measures – all of the obligatory until further notice

Starting April 1st – in vigor until at least April 19th:

  • stores: max. 3 persons per one cash desk,
  • post offices: max 2 persons per one cash desk,
  • hairdressers, beauty parlors, tattoo studios, massage rooms, rehabilitation service,  etc. closed (not even home services allowed),
  • 2-meter distance in public spaces, even for families; exceptions: children under 13 and dependent persons,
  • no hotel stays, except for these related with work (if you rent a room because of work, it is still allowed),
  • parks, promanades, embankments, beaches closed for public;
  • childern and youth under 18 can leave home only accompanied by an adult.

Starting April 2nd – in vigor until at least April 19th:

  • 1,5-meter distance at workplace, work activities only in gloves, desinfectant accessible;
  • big hardware stores closed on weekends,
  • stores and farmacies open from 10 to 12 strictly for 65-aged seniors (they can also go to them in other times),
  • customers entering stores must wear disposable gloves – they should be supplied by the store, but you are encouraged to take your own gloves as the stores might not be ready to provide all the customers with them,
  • limitations in public transport (public and private operators) – half of the number of seats may be occupied.

On March 25th, the Polish government introduced new restrictions of movement of people, now gatherings of more than two people at a time in one place are prohibited (except for family members and necessary situations, like work or helping relatives). In stores and pharmacies, please follow the restrictions imposed by the owners of these places – pay attention to the stripes painted on the ground and keep a distance from other customers. If possible, pay with a card.

Religious services – up to 5 persons may attend, aside from priests, pastors etc. conducting services.

The marketplace has been closed. The indoor swimming pool and fitness clubs are also closed. For reasons of security sport and cultural events have been canceled.

Schools, kindergartens, and nurseries will remain closed at least until Easter  at least April 26th.

Cultural centers are closed at least until April 19th.

One can expect changes in the functioning of public institutions. The town hall is still working, but there may be some limitations so if you want to handle something, call in advance and make an appointment.

The post offices operate in limited hours, 6 hours a day, usually in the mornings (Mon – Thu) and one day a week in the afternoon (Fri). The office in Niepołomice is also open on Saturday morning. Due to the suspension of air traffic, shipment of letters and parcels abroad has been restricted to selected countries – please check at your local post office.

Public transport operates to a limited extent. Agglomeration lines 211, 221 and 301 on weekdays will run according to the Saturday timetable. Additional course will be added to line 301 – from Niepołomice at 4.50. Check current departure times online before each journey – you can do it here Also private carriers have limited their services.

Parking is free in the parking spaces in Niepołomice until further notice.

More local information about the virus can be found at (in Polish)

General information for foreigners is available at (also in English)